Give me your tired, your poor, … I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Almost every adult in America, upon hearing those lines, immediately thinks of our most well-known female, the Statue of Liberty. She is aging well, reaching the ripe age of 134 years in 2020. 
Liberty was a gift to the American people by the French, and assembled in a studio in Paris. She arrived in America on June 17, 1886, and was officially installed on her base on Bedloe’s Island in New Yord City’s harbor on October 28 of that year.
That was not altogether her first visit to this country, however. The 225-ton statue was made in 300 separate sections. Before she...

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Ink-Stained Heroes

Superman is really Clark Kent, a reporter for the Daily Planet. Seriously, they’re the same guy. Don’t let the glasses fool you.
If your mind isn’t completely blown, get this. Photojournalist Peter Parker shoots selfies for the Daily Bugle as he fights criminals as Spider-Man and still somehow manages to focus the camera.

Journalists have long played major and heroic roles in comic books. The first superhero named Captain Marvel (created in 1940) was a radio reporter...

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Portland Piano Tuner Invents View-Master® Picture System

The View-Master familiar to children for the last few decades originated in 1939. The idea was conceived by William Gruber, a Portland piano tuner.
He had experimented with some new Kodak color film and two Kodak bantam specials, with the idea of creating a technique for viewing seven pairs of pictures on a disk. The pairs would create a 3-dimensional...

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